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Command the most fearsome pirates in an exciting caribbean adventure. We’ve worked on the updates for the pirate: caribbean hunt, we’ve been busy creating a new installment in the series - the pirate: plague of the dead.

Old title: pc game the pirate: caribean hunt i recently clicked on upgrade for this game and am now not able to access it at all. Download from online apps for www.firsttrading.ruption:hail to the captain!sail into the heart of the caribbean in the age of piracy - the time of black flags and white/5(10). Oct 17,  · metacritic game reviews, pirate hunter for pc, experience the swashbuckling world of pirate hunter and run amuck through the caribbean. The pirate: caribbean hunt is a windows 10 pc game that sends you out on the high seas to plunder, battle, trade goods and rule the caribbean during the age of pirates. The pirate: caribbean hunt by very good game, it's the closest thing i found to a game called pirates for the computer i played a few years ago.

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